1985: A Small Odyssey

1985 A Small Odyssey is a short film that employs the Romantics’ concept of masculinity, i.e. ‘that man is most himself when he is spontaneously at one with nature’(A,Easthope,1986). This is combined with the 21st century trend of personal action camera footage usually used to broadcast minor heroic deeds, instead this project utilises the medium to discuss the futility and harmful consequences of conforming to the stereotype of normative masculinity. The film also questions the validity of role models which simultaneously conform to and perpetuate the modern masculine stereotype. The medium of film was chosen as it gives viewers a sense of  time and effort. The journey up the mountain is representative of a lifetime spent burdened by the expectation to suppress the feminine aspects of our nature and continually exaggerate the masculine parts. Though there is irony and humour in the protagonist persevering in his Sisyphean task, as the only purpose is to demonstrate to the viewer it’s inherent futility.