New Photographic Project for Men

The American art critic Abigail Solomon-Godeau wrote that ‘Masculinity and femininity are inevitably historical, culture specific, and perpetually in process. Both terms, however, are produced within the overarching framework of patriarchy which is itself subject to historical mutation and adjustment’. (Solomon-Godeau, A. 1999)


Using a large format camera, this series of images focuses on performative portraiture and still life to enact moments of contemporary British masculinity, a concept in perpetual flux as the rigid grip of more traditional dualisms of gender are released. The slow process of making portraits with a view camera prolongs the sense of being observed through the extended time the sitter must be still before the lens. This is important as I intend to photograph and objectify men who traditionally take a dominant role in the photographic transaction. The objects that are photographed may be imbued with gendered connotations of power, status and temperament. The significance of the objects we surround ourselves with, once internalised, become the building blocks of identity and are used to buttress a continual gender imbalance.